Expanding Access to Mental Health Services


Calm Waters

Welcome to Lighthouse Health

Lighthouse Health is proudly client-oriented and is striving towards bringing full or part-time psychologists to bring assistance and treatment options to those in need of help in a number of locations which otherwise would have none. Our practice is actively expanding in Massachusetts, Michigan, Arizona, and Hawaii. Our wonderful team of like-minded individuals enjoy working in this fun, supportive, and collaborative environment. We utilize in person and telehealth to work in high population areas while utilizing our employee numbers to assist rural and remote locations to access services at a higher rate.


Crisis Resources

If you are in a crisis these resources may be a better way to get help for more immediate danger.

Meet Our Counseling Staff

Welcome to Lighthouse Health. Our privately owned business is devoted to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, making mental health care easily accessible in a number of hard to reach locations. Click below to learn more about our staff.

Job Opportunities

Lighthouse Health is currently seeking talented and versatile full or part-time psychologists to join our thriving multidisciplinary private practices. Available for in person or telehealth visits, and to be licensed in Massachusetts, Michigan, Arizona, or Hawaii.